Secret Network & Secret Nodes

Secret contracts encrypt input, output, and state—hiding data even from the nodes on the network.

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What is Secret Network

Secret Network is a blockchain protocol that enables decentralized applications to perform encrypted computations. These encrpyted computations are done so through Secret contracts, which can take encrypted inputs and produce encrypted outputs, without exposing any data while it is being used.
Secret Network was built with the Cosmos SDK using Tendermint for consensus, and is governed by SCRT token holders.

Why use Secret Network?

Secret Network is not a Privacy Coin and is the first blockchain with customizable privacy. You get to choose what you share, with whom, and how. This protects users, and empowers developers to build a better Web3.

Secret Nodes

Secret Nodes are the nicknames for the nodes that are enabling the Secret Network to function. Fundementally a Secret Node is the same as any other Cosmos Network or IBC node. The only difference is the hardware that the Secret Network Daemon is run on, Secret Node's require's specific Secure Enclave Batemetal to operate and execute Secret Contracts.

Meet our Network

We're helping Secret Network & Web3 continue its journey enabling Web3 data privacy.