Quicksync began running quicksync hosting for its supported blockchains back in 2019 and throughout 2020 & 2021. In 2022 we decided that we would depreciate Quicksync, due to statesync being available through the Cosmos SDK Stargate update.

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What is Web3?

During the recent De-Fi boom, masses of people and influencers have made claims that Web3 is decentralised. However, ChainofSecrets believes this thought approach for web3 currently being decentralized is very fairly primitive. While Web3 can certainly seem decentralised at a quick glance, when taking a deeper look into how web3 actually operates on a foundational level it shows the opposite.


Historically speaking the blockchain world began and operated in a decentralized way, with many "at home users" participating in network bootstrapping with mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from their home residence's.

As time has evolved over 95% of blockchain's are now entirely operating on centralized cloud service providers or CSP's for short. Our data shows the entire foundation of today's most popular blockchains, dapps & NFT's are actually fully reliant on centralized cloud service providers resources.

In some cases, our research and data has found that from end users web3 wallet transaction approval process to on-chain confirmation and receival of in-dapp features, this process never leaves the same datacenter location (It stay's within 1 physical building or within 1 centralized company's cloud resources.)

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