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Why Chain of Secrets?

These are the core Chain of Secrets' values that we bring to each project we embark on within the Enigma community.


Our infrastructure is housed in highly-secure datacenters around the world. We are constantly building redundancy into our infrastructure to ensure perpetual node coverage and network uptime.


Our mission as a privacy validator is to build engagement on the Engima Blockchain with exciting new tools, applications & services.


We believe in building decentralization and are committed to provide our projects to the Enigma community in an open-source manner.


Chain of Secrets is a Privacy Validator for the Enigma network. We offer delegation services to individuals and business investors looking to maximize their ROI and see the benefit of a privacy layer for the Internet of Blockchains. We actively participate in the development and governance of the Enigma Blockchain ecosystem.

We are a team of technologists with backgrounds in security, networking, blockchain infrastructure, token economics, and decentralized finance.

Chain of Secrets Roadmap

Below is our 2020-2021 roadmap, focused exclusively on supporting the Enigma Protocol. We'll keep it updated so check back to see how it evolves as we progress toward the vision of decentralized privacy.

Enigma Testnet Beta

Participated in beta Enigma Testnet on our enterprise infrastructure. Performed our own general network performance, stress & load tests.

2019 Dec

2020 FEB

Kamut Testnet

Launched the Enigma Blockchain on the Kamut testnet.

Enigma Blockchain Mainnet Genesis & Launch

We participated in the launch of Enigma Blockchain mainnet with Chain of Secrets as a genesis Validator and supporting redudant network infrastructure.

2020 FEB

2020 MAR

QuickSync Service

For faster syncing of Enigma nodes we created QuickSync. It saves hours for new Enigma nodes or after maintenance or network upgrades.

Enigma API

We created an API for the Enigma Blockchain so developers can interact with the network.

2020 MAR

2020 APR

SecretScan Blockchain Explorer

We are creating a premiere blockchain explorer for the Enigma network.


We're actively working with MathWallet and to make the ENG to SCRT tokenswap a reality for the Enigma community.

2020 MAY

2020 SEP

EnigmaWasm on Kamut

After the tokenswap we'll move into Phase 2 of the Kamut testnet with EnigmaWasm smart contracts.

SCRT Improvement Proposals and Protocols (SIPS)

We plan on participating in future efforts to improve and update the Enigma Blockchain.

2021 Jan

Our Validator Infrastructure

Chain of Secrets Team

Founded by blockchain technologists who are experienced in enterprise infrastructure and applications.
We bring our passion, commitment and breadth of expertise to bear on any size project.

Dan Briggs Chairman

Laura WeindorfCEO

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