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Why us?

Why Chain of Secrets?

At Chain of Secrets, we support the onboard, growth and long term success of users in Web 3. Making simple to build on the next generation of blockchain technology.

Decentralized Cloud

We enable customers to create Isolated Compute Enviroments to further protect.

Scalable Options

Keeping data secure while putting it to work has been an ongoing challenge since the beginning of modern computing.


Protect the confidentiality of sensitive data, and raise the bar against attackers.

Supported Networks

Use Chain of Secrets staking platform or delegate your assets to our address via any preffered service

We validate on multiple networks so you can stake and earn rewards easily. Our team is always looking for the latest and exciting blockchain projects!


Secret Network

Computational Privacy.


Terra V2

Decentralized Money & DeFi.



Regulated Blockchain.


Akash (Soon)

Decentralized Cloud.

Building Web3 Infrastructure

Build, run and scale Web 3 applications

Get Started with Web 3, we provide one of the most complete Validator operator & developer friendly experiences.

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Blockchain Bootstrapping

We have experience and are available to help bootstrap your new blockchain.

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Dapp deployment

Experience in deploying NFT marketplace & multiple Dex API's, we can surely help you with your Dapp Launch.

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NFT Minting & P2E Gaming

Big mint days! We understand how important this is and also have experienced the good and bad of it. Allow us to assist you.

About us

About Chain of Secrets

Our story begins back in 2017, where our founder spent spare time "tinkering" with various blockchain personal projects - One of the first personal blockchain endeavors was forking bitshare's core protocol and refactoring it for the maritime industry. Chain of Secrets was then born out of necessity by 2019, as there weren't a lot of options available for specific blockchain API endpoints & general blockchain infrastructure services.

By mid 2020 Chain of Secrets had provisioned its very own private cloud network at a Datacenter location its founder specifically picked for best connectivity to latan america & north american continents. Chain of Secrets fortified and began its Web 3.0 journey as a Genesis Block Validator for SCRT Network Blockchain (Then Enigma MPC). This was a wonderful challenge for us as we needed our very own cloud network to be 100% Intel SGX compliant.

Once we had accomplished the barrier of provisioning an Intel SGX fully compliant environment, we began to aid in bootstrapping the SCRT Network blockchain validation process. In the means of reducing the cost barrier of entry for validators to run equipment and validate on SCRT Network. Over 15% of current SCRT Network validators today were bootstrapped by Chain of Secrets at the beginning.

Today, we focus on Web3 pain points that we have identified through experience over the years and throughout the defi boom. We are now a team of technologists with backgrounds in security, networking, blockchain infrastructure, decentralized finance & product development.


Have some questions?

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
We are happy to talk with anyone and help navigate community members.