Part of the Enigma Collective

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to become an Enigma Collective Member.

About Chain of Secrets

We are Chain of Secrets! We’re a team of technologists who are working on building enterprise block producing infrastructure & privacy based decentralized application’s on the network.

We’re excited to announce Chain of Secrets is looking to expand its team, if you are an aspiring software engineer, web developer, UI/UX developer or community manager that wants to dabble in a security and privacy oriented blockchain project please express your interest by contacting us. [email protected]


These are Chain of Secrets value’s which we model each project we embark on within the enigma community.


All our infrastructure is housed in secure datacenter’s around the world. We are constantly building redundancy into our infrastructure to ensure perpetual node coverage and network uptime.


Our mission is to build engagement on the Engima network with exciting new tools, applications & services to use.


We believe in building decentralization and will provide our projects to the Enigma community in an open source manner.

Chain of Secrets

Below is our roadmap for 2019-2020, focused exclusively on supporting the Enigma Protocol. This is the minimum commitment we’re making to the community and if all goes well, we plan to add much more to it.

Enigma Testnet Beta.

Participating in beta Enigma Testnet on our enterprise infrastructure. Performing our own general network performance, stress & load testing.

Basic Enigma node runner tooling.

Build monitoring and alarm systems for node runners to use for ensuring 99.99% node uptime.

Enigma Blockchain Testnet Version Release

Operating our Validator infrastructure on newly launched Enigma Blockchain Testnet and participated in the genesis block signing.

Enigma Blockchain Mainnet Genesis & Mainnet Launch

Participated in the launch of Enigma Blockchain Mainnet with Chain of Secrets as a Genesis Validator and supporting redudant network infrastructure.

Chain of Secrets Team

Founded by a single technologist, Chain of Secrets continues to expand it’s team worldwide.